Video: Including translators/interpreters in Appointments

To allow parents to make bookings that include an translator/interpreter follow the steps below.

Note: If you want to add an interpreter to an existing booking, please follow this guide: Adding or Replacing Teachers for an Existing Appointment.

1. Add them as a 'Teacher'

The translator/interpreter needs to be manually added to your system as a teacher account to allow them access to the appointment. To do so follow this guide, then return here: Manually Adding or Editing a Teacher

2. Make sure they can log in

You will need to ensure they are able to access the system - see here for more details: Creating and editing Teacher Logins.

3. Create a Custom Group

To allow appointments you need to create a new custom group - see Custom Groups: how to create and use them for more information.

It should include the class teacher and newly added translator/interpreter, as well as the students whose parents require the interpreter:

Custom Group will need to be set up for the translator/interpreter, so it might be an idea to include the interpreters name in the name of the custom group for easy identification.

Note that the parent would need to select the Custom Group, rather than the original class when making the appointment. If you want to minimise the chances of them double booking, you can replace the class with two Custom Groups, one each for for the children with and without the need for an translator/interpreter.

4. Include the Custom Group(s) in your Conference

Ensure any new Custom Group is included via Configure Conference > Classes.
If you have created two groups to replace a class, ensure you deselect the original class.

5. Appointment With All Teachers Together

To allow both teacher accounts to be available for the video call, they must be configured to share the appointment together Go to Configure Conference > Class Teachers and make sure the newly added custom group is set to Appointment with all teachers together:

Please see this article for more information.

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