Changing Teachers for an Existing Appointment

You cannot directly add/replace a teacher or other member of staff (such as a translator) for an existing appointment. You first need to change the teacher(s) assigned to the class or group in question, then delete the existing appointment before rebooking it with the new configuration. If you need to add someone that is not currently in your system (for example a trainee, or non-teaching member of staff) please see here first: Manually Adding or Editing a Teacher.

  1. If your conference is currently open to booking by parents, go to Configure Conference > Basic Details and change Appointments Open to Parents to some point in the future, allow enough time for you to cancel and rebook the existing appointments without the risk of a parent taking a slot before you can rebook it.
  2. Change the teachers assigned to the class or group in question via Configure Conference > Class Teachers (see this help article for details). This change only affects bookings made from that moment on, it will not affect any existing bookings.
  3. Go to Conferences> Go to Conference > Manage Appointments to locate the existing booking(s).
  4. Delete the booking(s) (see this help article for details) and then rebook them at the same time but with the newly configured teacher(s).
  5. An email will be sent to the parent confirming the change.
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