Manually Adding or Editing a Teacher

Occasionally you may need to manually add a teacher to your system for some reason. For example, they may be a member of staff that is not in your SIS (and therefore not synced across with your other data) but who you need to be available to take the bookings for a class. Or you may need to edit an existing teacher, to add an email address or department, for example.

To add or edit a teacher manually go to the navigation bar on the left of your system and click Data:

This will load the Data Dashboard. Go to the section called Imports.

If you do not see this section you will need to turn on manual imports via Settings > Data Import Source > Allow Data to be Manually Imported.

You then click on the type of data you wish to import. In this case you want Import Teachers.

You will then be asked to upload a spreadsheet (in .csv format) and will see a list of the columns it must contain. Make sure the spreadsheet has a header row with these headings in it.

Upload a csv file with the columns you need. Once you upload the file the system will attempt to match each column in the csv file to one that it expects, please check that this is correct before clicking Next

Any columns you are not using, or do not want to import, can be left as Please Select.

Click Next and you will be presented with a summary of the changes (if any) being made. Agree to these by clicking the 'I'm happy to proceed' button and click Next.

If you are adding or editing teachers then do not select Replace data on system with imported data as this will replace all your existing teachers with the contents of the file.

The data is then uploaded and confirmed. Click Done to be return to the Data Dashboard.

One special case in making this import is that if you want to add more than one department to a teacher, each department needs it's own row in the csv file. For example, to add three departments you would use a csv that looked something like this:

This would only add/edit one teacher but would add three departments to that teacher.

Further steps you may wish to take

If you want the manually added teacher to take the bookings for a class that is already on your system please see  this article

If you want to manually edit your classes to assign a class to the manually added teacher please see  this article.

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