How to use the Class Teachers page

This guide shows you how to use the  Class Teachers section of Configure Conference to substitute a teacher, disable bookings for a class, or manage shared teachers and joint appointments.

  • Class Teachers is only available if your data has been synced from your school management system, or if a data has been manually imported via spreadsheets which include an SIS ID..
  • Changes made via Class Teachers after a conference has opened for booking will only affect bookings made from that point onwards. Existing appointments with teachers are left unchanged.
  • If a teacher has become unavailable and you need to transfer existing appointments to another teacher see this article.
  • If you need to add an additional teacher to an existing appointment see this article.
  • Manage Class Teachers

    1. From the Navigation Bar on the left of your system select Conferences > Go to Conference > Configure Conference.

      Select the Class Teachers step.
    2. If your conference runs over more than one date, you will see a green Apply to all dates switch. If the classes or teachers will vary between the dates in the conference turn off this switch.  
      You will then see a date drop down that allows you to configure the dates separately.
    3. Every class on the conference is now displayed in a list. if one is missing please check that you have ticked it in the Classes step of Configure Conference.

      Each class displays the default teacher that will take the bookings for that class. This default will have come from your SIS (or be the one you specified if you manually import your data).

      Each row has a  Change button at the end which allows you to change the arrangements for who will be taking the bookings for that class on the date(s) chosen. 
      When you click Change you are presented with various options:

      • Disable Class: bookings for this class cannot be made and it does not appear to parents on the date(s) chosen. It will then show on the Class Teachers page as Disabled - No BookingsUse this instead of making a teacher unavailable for a particular date via Configure Conference > Teacher Availability.
      • Change Teacher(s) presents you with a box allowing you to set any teacher(s) on the system as those that will take the bookings for that class:

        Single Teacher works the same as for a non-shared class, allowing you to set any individual teacher on the system as the one that will take the bookings for that class.
      • Multiple Teachers allows you to specify a minimum of two teachers as the one that will take the bookings for that class. You can add teachers by clicking in the teacher name area or using the downward pointing arrow to the right.

        Note: if the class is actually a Custom Group then you need to edit that group to add all relevant teachers to it first, otherwise they will not be available on the Class Teachers page.

        As soon as at least two teachers have been selected more options will appear - you may need to click outside the teacher selection area to see them.

        Parents can book separately with each teacher means that all the shared teachers will be individually bookable (unless you have marked them as unavailable on that date or evening) - so that they can all see different students at the same time. This will then show on the Class Teachers page as Separate appointment with each teacher.

        An appointment with all teachers at the same time means an appointment will be to see all the selected teachers at the same time, as part of the same appointment. The selected teachers must all be available at the same times, or no booking can be made.  

        This is particularly important if you are holding the conference via video, as only if the appointment is An appointment with all teachers at the same time will the teachers be able to log into it at the same time.

        This will then show on the  Class Teachers page as Appointment with all teachers together:

        Revert to Default allows you to return the class to it's default setting.

        The defaults for a  shared class are:

        Appointment with all teachers together for a Registration Class
        the Main Teacher alone for a Subject Class (if Main Teacher is identified by the SIS)
        Separate appointment with each teacher for a Subject Class (if Main Teacher is not identified)

        Any class that you have changed away from its default setting will be displayed in blue, so that you can easily spot changes made

    4. Once you have made your choices, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
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