Video: Configure a Conference to be held over video call

This article shows you how to configure your conference to allow teachers and parents to conduct appointments with parents via video, rather than meeting face-to-face.

There is a video overview at the foot of this help article.

How does this work?

Appointments for your conference are booked in the normal manner (by parents booking their own appointments online, or admins/teachers booking them on their behalf. See here for more details). When the conference is due to start the parents and teachers log into the system and can virtually "meet" via video. Guides for you to supply to them are linked below: 

For Teachers: Teachers - How to run your appointments over video call

For Parents:  Parents - How to attend appointments over video call

Requirements: In order to make video calls Parents and Teachers need to have as a minimum:

  • a device with a microphone and speaker and a compatible web browser

. We recommend:

  • Using your smartphone for video appointments. If you don't have a smartphone with a front-facing camera, use a laptop or computer with a webcam.
  • Using a headset (or earphones with a microphone) to reduce echo.
  • Please use one of the following compatible web browsers:

    iPhone/iPad: Safari
    Android: Chrome or Firefox
    Windows: Chrome, Firefox or Edge (latest version)
    Mac: Safari, Chrome or Firefox

Remember that parents aren't automatically notified when the event is created, you do that via your school's usual method of communication. If you've been using the system for a while, and your parents are familiar with how it works, you could also use Reminders to alert parents to the fact that they can book on a new event, or to remind them of existing bookings.

Remember video calls are inherently less flexible than face to face meetings and have fixed start and end times. They cannot overrun and will cut off at the end of the appointment slot, so you may wish to make the appointments longer than you normally would.

Configuring your Conference to hold video appointments

  1. Log into your system as an administrator, click Conferences on the navigation bar on the left,
    Select Configure Conference from the menu on the evening in question.
  2. In the Basic Details section go to Video Calls and tick the Appointments happen over video call box.
    Click Save at the bottom of the screen.Your conference is now be set up to run over video calls.

Note: this setting applies to all appointments on the evening, you cannot have a mix of in-person and video appointments.

We recommend you do not set any gap for travel time for parents, since they can instantly jump from one appointment to the next.

Parents will automatically be marked as present as soon as they have pressed the Start Appointment button for their first appointment, and Start Next Appointment for each consecutive appointment. You will be able to find out if a parent has attended the appointments by going to Conference > Manage Appointments. 

Video Appointments now support a maximum of three teachers per session for appointments with multiple teachers

Please see our help article here to assign multiple teachers to a class.

(Please note this video overview is for the UK version of Meet The Teacher and uses terms such as 'Evening' rather than 'Conference'. However, all the functionality is identical.)

Video Parents Evening Demonstration from School Cloud Systems on Vimeo.

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