How to Record and Report on Parent Attendance

Both Administrators and Teachers can record Parent Attendance on a Conference. Administrators can also run reports on attendance. 

Parents cannot record attendance, however they can indicate that they are unable to attend the conference using the I'm unable to attend link on the conference list page. Where they have done this you can see it in the Parent Response column of the Students Without Appointments report (via Conferences > Go to Conference > Reports)  - where you can also mark a parent as unable to attend via the Parent Response column. 

When parents have logged in to a video call at the same time as a teacher their attendance is automatically changed to Present for that appointment. If they do not log in to an appointment it is left as Unknown. A status of Absent will only show if an admin or teacher has specifically set that status on an appointment.

It isn't possible to set attendance for Events.

Recording Parent Attendance as an Administrator

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Conferences > Go to Conference on the conference in question.
  2. Select Manage Appointments from the navigation bar on the left hand side of the page.
  3. Choose the person you would like to enter the attendance for under the Student, Parent or Teacher dropdowns.

    A list of all the relevant appointments will then be displayed including an Attendance column. Please note that this column will only become available on, or after, the date of your conference. The Bulk Change Attendance option only shows after the conference has finished.
  4. To update your attendance in bulk click Bulk Change Attendance and select the relevant option.Alternatively you can update each appointment individually via the Attendance column. 

Recording Attendance as a Teacher

Teachers are also able to record parent attendance when they are logged into the system see the Teacher Guide for more details.


As an Administrator you can also run reports to give you an overall view of the data.

  1. Select Conferences from the navigation bar then click Go to Conference on the conference for which you want the report.
  2. Click Reports from the navigation bar on the left hand side of the page.
  3. Click Parent Attendance or Students Without Appointments to view the report you need.

    The top of the  Parent Attendance report displays a pie chart allowing you to see the attendance at a glance. If you hover over each section of the chart the percentages will show. The green portion represents present, red absent and orange unknown. A list of Absent Parents is displayed beneath the chart.

    There is also a link to download the report as a spreadsheet - if you think you may need to view attendance at past events we recommend doing this, as those records will be deleted when anyone involved in those appointments is removed from the system.

  4. The Students Without Appointments report indicates if parents have said they cannot attend and also has a link to download the report as a spreadsheet. As an administrator you can also mark a parent as unable to attend via the button in the Parent Response column.
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