Adding Travel Time for Parents Between Their Appointments

Note: Travel Time for parents is only available as a multiple of the Standard Appointment Length set on the conference. Please note that you cannot change that standard default length once appointments have been made on a conference. For more on this please see this article.
Note: for adding gaps between Video Appointments please see this article for more details.

Setting a gap between a parent's appointments

  1. Go into the conference in question, then select Configure Conference >Appointment Lengths.
  2. When a conference is being held in person you can set the Standard Appointment Length here, as well as specify if there should be Travel Time for Parents enforced between the appointments of a particular parent.

    Note: setting travel time does not create a gap between the appointments of teachers.

    This can be set as a multiple of the Standard Appointment Length using the drop-down box. e.g. if you require a travel time of 8 minutes, you will need to set the Standard Appointment Length to 2, 4 or 8 minutes.

  3. Once you have made your choice, click Save.
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