Setting different appointment lengths for Teachers

N ote:  Custom Appointment Lengths for teachers are  only available as multiples of the  Standard Appointment Length set on the conference. Please note that you cannot change that standard length once appointments have been made on a Conference.

Setting a Different Appointment Length for Particular Teachers

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Conferences on the navigation bar at the left of the screen.

    Select Configure Conference from the menu on the conference in question.

  2. Click Appointment Lengths. 

    The standard length of appointments should be set under Standard Appointment Length

    To change the length for specific teachers or subject select Add Custom Appointment Lengths

    To set the appointment lengths for teachers of a specific subject choose the subject from the drop down under Select a SubjectA list of all the teachers related to that subject will then show and you can tick the relevant records.

    To set the appointment length for a specific teacher select the name from the drop down under Select a Teacher

    A list of all the subjects they are linked to will then appear. Tick the relevant subjects you would like to apply the different length to. Under Appointment Length choose the length of appointment you would like to set  The choices will all be multiples of the standard appointment length set for the conference.Click Save.

  3. .A list of the changes made will show on the Appointment Lengths screen.

    To remove any that are not needed click Remove next to the record.

    You can amend the length of any already entered by changing what is selected under Custom Length.

    To add any further records click Add Custom Appointment Lengths and follow the same process

    If you have entered all the changes you would like to make click Save.
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