Manually importing data to Meet The Teacher

    Who should use this guide?

    This guide will help you with manually importing data into your Meet the Teacher. This may be necessary if: 

    • you don't have a student information system that we currently support, or
    • we have advised you to use the manual import method.

    NOTE: If none of those apply, manual importation can result in duplicated records - if you intend to go ahead anyway and have questions please contact us via

    How to import your data

    In the navigation bar on the left of your system, click Data

    This will load the Data Dashboard. Go to the section called Imports.

    If you do not see this section you will need to turn on manual imports via Settings > Data Import Source > Allow Data to be Manually Imported.

    When you click on the type of data you wish to import you will be asked to upload a spreadsheet (in .csv format) and will see a list of the columns it must contain. Make sure the spreadsheet has a header row with these headings in it.

    NOTE: if there are new or updated Students and Teachers records then those imports must always be completed before any other imports.

    • Import Students:
    • Import Teachers:
    • (Optional) Import Parents:
    • (any Student details entered must match exactly to existing Student details on the system)

    • Import Classes: 

      (the Teacher and Student details must match exactly to existing Teacher and Student details on the system)

    Once you upload the file the system will attempt to match the expected column to a column in the csv file you are uploading, please check that this is correct before clicking Next.

    As an example, here is Map Columns for the Students import:

    Click Next and you will be presented with a summary of the changes (if any) being made. Any errors with the data will be highlighted and you'll be given some information to help you. Agree to these by clicking the 'I'm happy to proceed' button and click Next. If you wish to remove all data from the system and replace it with what's in the file, enable the Replace data on the system with imported data option.

    The data is then uploaded and confirmed. Click Done to be return to the Data Dashboard.

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