Logging in as a parent to check what they see

Although you can make bookings for parents as an admin, there are a number of differences from what a parent would see. You may wish to log in as a parent, to get a feel for how the system works or to check that they can log in successfully.

Finding out which parental details you need

You can configure the system to require different parental details depending on your requirements. You can find out how to check/configure this in the  Configuring how parents login to the system article.

Logging in as a parent using their name

To log in as a parent, you need to use the details the system currently has for that parent.
  1. Go to the Data > Parents section and find the parent using the search box at the top right.
  2. Click the pencil icon to open the edit parent page which shows you all the data you have for that parent.
    In order to log in a parent must enter details that match the information in the system exactly (i.e. if their name is 'Samantha', they cannot enter 'Sam'). 

    NOTE: If you find some details are incorrect, or the parent doesn't exist in the Parents section at all, you should correct this as soon as possible.

    If the record is synced with a management system (denoted by the cloud icon), correct the record in your management system then re-sync the system. You can find information on what we sync and why particular records might not come through in the School Management Systems category on our support site.

    If the record isn't synced with a management system, edit the details on the page directly then click the  Save button.

  3. Now you have the details of the parent, you can use them to log in as the parent.

Logging in as a parent using Single Sign-On

If your school is using Single Sign-On (SSO), make sure the email address in your Single Sign-On method matches the one in the parent details page. To get there, go to the  Data > Parents > Edit (pencil icon) page then check (for example) the Email Synced with Integris section. This section will be named differently, depending on the management system you use at your school. The login is handled by your SSO provider, all we do is route the user to the matching account in the Parents Evening System. If there's an issue with this matching, we show one of two errors:

Error Solution  
Cannot authenticate a user without an email address No email address was provided by the SSO provider. Make sure the email address is applied to the user in your SSO provider's control panel then try again. If the issue persists, contact your IT team or SSO provider who should be able to assist you. They are welcome to call us if they need any advice.  
Couldn't find matching parent The email address provided by your SSO provider didn't match the email address provided to the Parents' Evening System by your management system. Make sure the email address is correct in your management system and re-run the synchronisation. If the issue persist, please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help you.  
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