Video: Admins - how to manage parent invites

This article shows administrators how to manage (or add) an invitation to join a parent's video appointments.

1. Select Conferences on the coloured navigation bar on the left of your system then click on the name of the conference in question to load it.

2. On the navigation bar (or in the Common Actions box) click Manage Appointments.

3. Use the Parent dropdown to select the parent whose invites you would like to manage. This will show all appointments booked for that parent in this conference.

If a parent's name does not appear in this dropdown it means that parent does not currently have any appointments on this conference.

4. At the top of the list of appointments one of the options that will appear is Manage Invites. If you do not see this option check that the conference is actually a video conference and (if it is a hybrid conference) that the parent has at least one video appointment booked.

5. Clicking on Manage Appointments will open a window

a. If there is no current invitation you can enter the details of the person to be invited, as well as select which students (that are linked to that parent and for which there are bookings) the invite will cover. If there is only one such student no names are shown to choose from.

b. if invitations already exist, you can also resend the invitation email, or remove the invitation.

Note that you can only issue ONE invitation per student. There are more details on how this works here.

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