Video: Teachers - viewing/adding notes during a call

When in a video call you can view/add notes for that appointment, as well as any notes added by the parent when they made the booking.

Note: If the appointment is with multiple teachers you will only see the notes that you have added, plus any parent notes, you will not see any notes added by other teachers involved in the appointment.

Parents cannot see notes, not even those they added themselves.

How to view or add notes during a call

When in a call, click the Note button under your video call screen (immediately to the right of the camera button).

The notes section will then be displayed at the right hand side of your screen.

Any notes you entered before the appointment will appear under Private Notes along with the start time of the appointment and the students name.

The Parent Notes section will only show if any notes were added by the parent when they booked.

To add notes during the call click Add Notes (if there aren't already any notes on the call), or Edit Notes - then click Save once you have finished.

To stop the notes from showing during the call click the Notes button again under your video call screen.

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