Video: Teachers - how to share your screen

When you are in a video call you can share your screen (or an application running on your laptop/desktop computer) with the others in that call. This can be useful to show the recent work of a student, or any other item you consider useful for your discussion.

Note: screen sharing is not available if you are using a mobile device.

Here is a video showing how to share your screen. This shows the UK and International version of our software, but the functionality is exactly the same in Meet the Teacher. The same information is also available in text form underneath the video:

Screen-sharing on SchoolCloud Parents Evening from SchoolCloud on Vimeo.

How to share your screen

When you are in a call, click the screen sharing icon under your video call screen (immediately to the right of the red hang up button).

This will pop up a box allowing you to choose what it is you want to share, either Your Entire Screen, or a particular Application Window, or a particular Tab in the web browser you are using. 

Once you select an item, the Share button goes blue, and when you click it the others in the call can see that shared item in their video screen instead of the view from your camera.

Note: as we don’t show a teacher’s camera feed to parents when the teacher is sharing their screen, the teacher will also not see themselves at that time.

To stop sharing, simply click the Stop Sharing button beneath your video screen.

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