How to Add, Edit or Delete an Administrator

An administrator (with the  Manage Admins permission) can add or edit administrators, or reset their password, by following this guide. 

Note: If there is no longer an admin at the school with the Manage Admins permission then SchoolCloud can add an administrator on receipt of an email request from the Principal/Deputy Principal of the school. The email should state the name and email address of the person to be added, as well as the permissions they should be given. The permissions available can be seen in the guide below.

To Add a New Administrator

In the Navigation Bar click on Admins.

If you do not see this option then your own admin account does not have the Manage Admins permission. 

Click Add at the top of the list of existing admins then enter their details, along with the permissions you want the new admin to have. You can use any Username you wish, but we find that using the email address is often best as, if someone forgets their username, most people will assume it will be their email address!

Then click Save and an email will be sent to the new Admin with a link allowing them to login and set their password.

To Reset Password, Edit or Delete an Existing Administrator

In the  Navigation Bar click on Admins

Then click on the administrator that you want to edit or delete. 

From the details page that then loads, you can send a  Reset Password email to the admin, via the blue button at the top, or you can edit their details/ permissions and then click Save - which will generate an email to the admin notifying them of the change.

You can delete the Admin by clicking on the  red bin icon at the top right and then completing the confirmation box that appears. No email is sent to an admin when deleted.

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