Using the Waiting List

The waiting list option gives parents the opportunity to add themselves to a waiting list when a teacher. If space later becomes free administrators can assign places to parents on the list.

The waiting list is enabled by default on initial set up of your system. If the waiting list is  enabled, parents making manual bookings (but not those using  automatic booking) will have the option to add themselves to the waiting list if a teacher is fully booked. They can also add a note to their waiting list entry if they wish. 

From the parent perspective, when a teacher is completely booked up, the column for making a booking displays a blue button at the top that allows the parent to join that teacher's waiting list.


If the waiting list is   disabled, parents won't be able to add themselves to the list, however, if they were already on a list before it was disabled, that list will still be shown to administrators.

To turn off (or re-enable) the list: 

  1. On the Navigation Bar click Settings

  2. Click Waiting List.

  3. Set the Waiting List Enabled option as required.

  4. Finally, click Save.

Viewing and Managing the Waiting List for Conferences

Administrators are able to view who has added themselves to the waiting list by following the steps below.

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Conferences on the navigation bar.
  2. Click Go to Conference on the relevant conference.
  3. Click Waiting List on the navigation bar.

Removing Parents from the Waiting List and Booking them

While in the Waiting List section, you can see a list of parents who have added themselves to a list for any teacher. Click the Export Waiting Lists option to get a spreadsheet containing the entries. 

If a teacher currently has availability, you will see a Book button at the end of the row. Clicking this will load the Add Appointment screen for that parent. In the appointment grid, those teachers for whom the parent is in the waiting list will display a Leave Waiting List button, as well as a list of the available appointment slots.

If you select one of the available appointment slots the parent is removed from the waiting list and booked with that teacher.

If you just click Leave Waiting List the parent is removed from the waiting list but not booked with that teacher.

If you need to remove a parent from the waiting list, but there is no space available for that parent to book them in with that teacher (or they should not be on that waiting list), you should go to Manage Appointments, find the parent, load their appointments and click the Leave Waiting List button under that teacher, as above.

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