Clever: How to set up integration, etc

This guide shows you how to set up Meet The Teacher with Clever integration, allowing you to transfer your teachers, parents and students.


In order to run a Clever sync, you must have as a minimum your teachers, students and classes synced to Clever from your student information system. Parents are not required.

Things to note.

1. Classes (sections) may be assigned to a term, which has a start date & end date. 
  • If a class isn't assigned to a term, the class will always be synced to Meet The Teacher.
  • If a class is assigned to a term and you run a sync during that term that class will be synced to Meet The Teacher.
  • If a class is assigned to a term in the past or future it will not be synced by default.
  • If you want to sync classes for specific (or for all) terms please contact us and we will assist you to set this up.
2. While we allow you to set a room for teachers, this field is not available in Clever and so is not populated by the sync. You assign rooms to your teachers (if you wish) via the  Data > Teachers section. When a parent goes to book a conference, they will see the room below the teacher's name in the appointment list.

What if Clever doesn't contain parent information?

When parents are not included in the data we receive from Clever, parents will be added automatically as they log in. This still requires that the parents enter in details of a student that does exist on the system.

You can also import a list of parents assigning them to students if you prefer. You can find out how to do this in our Manually importing data to Meet The Teacher guide.

Setting Up Clever

  1. Grant access to Meet The Teacher. To do this, go to .
  2. Send an email to us at You need to let us know:
    • If you are looking to pull the entire school district onto one system or if you're just looking to include one school. 
    • The link to the system you wish to pull the data over to. This is the link you use to gain access.

    We will get back to you to let you know when the integration has been set up.

Changing Clever Sync Parameters

You can change the Clever sync details in the Settings > Data Import Source page but this will only be available following the initial setup. We set this up for you initially so you should only need to make changes to whats contained on that page.

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