Events: Setting up an Event: 3 - Trips

This guide follows on from step 4 in the  initial set up guide

  1. In the Basic Details section you have chosen Trip as the type of event you are setting up.

  2. Next you need to set the date from which parents are able to book.

    Open Bookings for Club, when set, means that the event will not be open for booking until that date and time. If you leave it blank, the event will be bookable as soon as it has been created. If parents log in before bookings are open they will see this date, so that they know when they can start booking.

  3. Finally in this section you can allow parents the option to add a message when they make a booking. This message will be visible to the admins when they view bookings. For more on how to view bookings on your events please see this article.
  4. You can now click Next and move on to the Sessions section which is where you add details of your Trip, as well as any additional Trips which are part of the overall event. 
  5. Close Date for Bookings , when set, prevents parents from making any bookings after that date and time. If you leave it blank, parents will be able to make and amend bookings right up until the event ends. When parents log in they see this date, if it is in the past.

    You can apply this to all the Trips:

    or a different close date per trip: 

    Each trip/session has a name, a start date, end date, and a capacity. You can add additional trips/sessions by clicking the blue  Add Trip button.

    Lastly you can limit the number of trips/sessions, in this event, that a student can book into: 

  6. You can now click Next and move on to the Students section which is where you can use Add Filters to specify who this event is available to. You can either apply the same filter to the whole event, or you can make different trips/sessions within the event open to different groups of students. For more on filters please see Using the student filters.

  7. Once this section has been completed click Save at the foot of the page. Your event is now configured and ready to use. All these sections can be revisited and edited at any time via Events > Go to Event > Configure Event.
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