Events: Setting up an Event: 1 - Initial Setup

When you're ready to set up a new event just follow the steps below.

Please remember that parents aren't automatically notified when the event is created, you should do that via your school's usual method of communication.

If you've been using Meet the Teacher for a while, and your parents are familiar with how it works, you could also use Reminders to alert parents to the fact that they can book on a new event. 

If you want to set up a Student-led conference please follow this article: How to set up a Student-led conference

Add the event

  1. Log into your system as an administrator, click Events in the navigation bar on the left, then Add Event on the right.
    If you do not see Events in your navigation bar it may be that your administrator account does not have permission to manage events (in which case please speak to your main administrator) or that your school does not have Events Module as part of its licence - you can check this via the Licence section on your Home page:
    If you do not have the Events module click the Contact link at the top of this page to discuss pricing.
  2. If your school has used the system to run events in the past, you'll be asked if you wish to copy the old event: 
    Choose No to set up an event from scratch (then skip to step 3 of this guide).

    Choose  Yes and you will be presented with a list of existing events that you can copy. This is particularly useful if you have, for example, a number of clubs to set up each term. The copy event will load and once you have clicked Save you'll see a summary screen. You can then click Customise to adjust the new event as required:
  3. Configure the event 

  4. If you set up an event from scratch, or clicked Customise after copying an existing event, you will now reach the Add event page's Basic Details section.

    Enter the desired Title and Information. Whatever you enter here will be visible to parents when they log in, and will also form part of all confirmation emails the system sends in connection with the event: 
  5. Enter the Type of the event.

    There is a specific guide for each one from this step onward as the type you choose changes some of the settings you will be presented with. 

    Please click on the guide you require:

    If you are setting up a  CLUB.

    If you are setting up a  TRIP.

    If you are setting up a  PLAY or TALK.

    If you are setting up a generic  OTHER event such as a student-led conference.
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