Automatic Appointment Scheduling

Automatic Appointment Scheduling lets parents enter the earliest and latest times they are able to attend a conference and the teachers they would like to book with. The system then automatically creates the most efficient appointment schedule for the selected times and teachers. These appointments can then either be accepted, or cancelled to try again with a different choice of times or teachers, or to make the bookings manually. Administrators can also book appointments automatically on a parent's behalf.

How to switch Automatic Appointment Scheduling on/off

Note: Administrators are always able to use the automatic appointment scheduler regardless of this setting.

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Settings > School Settings.

  2. In the Automatic Appointment Scheduling section tick or untick Enable Automatic Appointment Scheduling.
  3. Once selected click Save at the bottom of the screen.

How parents book appointments automatically

Once the option is switched on parents see the following options when booking:

  1. Parents are asked to select how they would like to create their appointments.
  2. If Automatic is chosen they are asked to set the earliest and latest times they are available and to tick those teachers they would like to book with.
  3. Once those details have been entered they click Generate Appointments..If a schedule is possible, the system then provides a list of appointment times for the requested teachers. The parent then has 2 minutes to click to Accept or Cancel these. 
  4. If accepted the appointments are booked and the parent is sent an email confirming them.
  5. If the appointments are rejected then they are returned to the screen at step 2 and can alter the time and teacher choices, or click Previous Step to go back to select how to create the appointments.
  6. If neither option is selected within the 2 minutes a message appears advising the appointments were not confirmed and the option to choose how bookings should be created reappears.
  7. Should the system not be able to provide a schedule covering all teachers within the requested times the following message will be shown.along with the screen at step 2 where they can enter an earlier start time or a later end time, or a different selection of teachers. Alternatively, they can choose to book manually.

How administrators book appointments automatically

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Conferences on the navigation bar at the left of the screen. Then Go to Conference.

    Once in the conference you wish to make bookings for you can click  Add Appointment on the navigation bar or in Common Actions
  2. Select the student you wish to make the appointments for in the Select Student box.
  3. A Select Parent box will show containing the parents linked to the selected child. Select the parent you wish to make the appointments for.
  4. If your conference runs over multiple dates, select the date of the evening you need to add the appointments to, then click Next.

  5. Select Automatic on the booking method screen then click Next.

You'll then be asked the parent's availability and which teachers they'd like to make an appointment with. The process after that is the same as for a parent.

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