Team Bookings for Classes

Schools occasionally need parents to be able to book to see more than one teacher at the same time in respect of a particular class. A team booking allows all teachers to be booked for the same appointment time. The names of all teachers will be shown to parents. 

This can be useful in various circumstances, for example:

  • Elementary schools often have classes where a main and support teacher (special needs etc.) are present, or there is simply more than one teacher teaching a class. 
  • High schools may need their science teachers (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, etc) available to speak to parents at the same time under the general heading of "Science".
  • Senior leadership appointments may require the Principal and their deputy to speak to a parent at the same time.

Note: to use the feature, you must:

  • Already have a conference set up.
  • Have classes imported onto the system. It won't work if you only use teacher departments to organise your evening.
  • Have all the teachers available at the times you want parents to be able to book. If any one of the shared teachers is not available (due to a break, starting earlier or later than the default times for the conference, or for any other reason) then no appointment can be booked for that class at that time.

How to set up Team Bookings

In your Meet The Teacher admin panel, go to Conferences > Go To Conference > Configure Conferences > Class Teachers.

  1. Find a class in the list then click the Change button at the end of the row,
  2. Select Change Teacher(s) and then Multiple Teachers to choose the teachers you need, then An Appointment with all teachers at the same time from the options underneath.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

  4. When your parents (or you, as an admin) make bookings they will see a column for that class with both teachers named on it.

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